Our Vision

We envision Johns Creek Christian Church as a Christ-centered community of faith that seeks to engage the larger community. We embrace diversity and inclusiveness by reaching out in love to all we meet.

We envision a community joined together by the Holy Spirit as we worship, pray, study and serve together. We share and study the Bible as a source of truth and inspiration which points to God's continuing work and presence in the world.

We envision worship to be a joyful time where our relationship with God and others is celebrated. Our worship is Christ centered, Bible based and draws on the rich gifts of music, art, drama, culture and diversity. We envision worship as an intergenerational experience and practice weekly communion led by church members and open to all believers.

We envision prayer to be the primary way we commune with God. When we are in prayer we are in the sacred presence of God. We pray individually and corporately; we pray for each other, with each other, for others and for our larger community. We pray because we believe that God answers our prayers and because God transforms us in and through prayer.

Service is our response to the love of God shown through Jesus Christ. Service takes place within the faith community, but is incomplete if not offered to the larger community. True service is indiscriminate, care giving, empowering and reflects the vast love of God. We welcome opportunities to minister together with believers of other denominations and faiths.

We envision an environment where all people feel safe to take risks while seeking God's leading. We share a sacred facility and natural surroundings where the community can come together in an atmosphere of genuine welcome and hospitality to engage in dialogue about relevant issues, seek personal growth and group support and enjoy personal meditation and reflection.

Based on the example of Jesus, and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) teachings, we envision and model leadership as service to church and community. As leaders we are caregivers to others, empowering them to go and do likewise.