Sermons & Choir Anthems

09-30-18 Sermon- Jacob N- Seasons- Eclesiastes 3 1-8

10-07-18 Rev David Kenley- Love One Another -1 John 4 7-21

09-23-18 Rev David Kenley- Finish The Job- Philippians 1 1-18a

09-16-18 Rev David Kenley-Blessed, But To What End- Gen 12 1-9

09-16-18 Choir I Want Jesus To Walk With Me by Lloyd Larson

08-19-18- Rev. David Kenley- Half Truths 5 "Love the Sinner Hate the Sin"- Matthew 7 1-5

08-05-18- Message-Camp Christian Experiences of Our Youth-John 6 24-35

08-12-18- Rev. David Kenley- Half Truths 4 "God Said it, I believe It, that Settles It"- Deut 23 12-14

08-26-18- Rev. David Kenley- Half Truths "Final Exam"- Ephesians 6 10-20

09-02-18- Rev. David Kenley- "How Do You Feel about What You're doing" - Mark 6 1-3

09-09-18- Rev. David Kenley- "Still She Persisted"- Mark 7 24-30

09 09 18 Choir "Come Taste The Goodness Of The Lord" by Joseph Martin

07-22-18- Rev. David Kenley- Half Truths 2 "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" - Psalm 10 14b,17-18a Psalm 18 6,16 Psalm 121 1-

07-29-18- Rev. David Kenley- Half truths 3 "God Wont Give You More Than You Can Handle" -1 Cor. 10 13 Psalm 46 1-2

07-15-18- Rev. David Kenley- Half Truths 1 "Everything Happens For A Reason- Deuteronomy 13 19-20a

07-08-18-Rev. Matt Marshall - "Welcome Home" - Mark 6:1-13

07-01-18-David Kenley-Set Free - Mark 5:21-43

06-24-18-Postcards From Camp-Heather Burnley, Diane Bales, Ora Ball, & David Kenley-Experiences from Camp from a Counselors Point of View

06-17-18-Disciples Refugee & Immigrant Welcome Sunday-Alecia Lowery of New American Pathways & Poetry Reading by Kim Kenley

05/27/18-"The Calling" - Isaiah 6:1-8 - Chaplain (Capt.) Christy Marshall, US Army

5/20/18-"What A Lot of Hot Air!" - Acts 2:1-21 - Revd. David Kenley

05/13/18 - "Scoffers" - Psalm 1 - Revd. David Kenley

05/13/18- Anthem - "Hymn of Promise" by Natalie Sleeth - JCCC Choir

05/06/18 "What's That Look Like?"-John 15:9-17 Revd. David Kenley

05/06/18 Choir Anthem "Above All Else" by Joel Raney Sung by JCCC Choir

04/29/18 1 Samuel 17:28-37 A Sermon by Natalie Jewett

04/22/18 "Sheep! Who're You Calling Sheep?!?" Psalm 23 Revd. David Kenley

04/15/18 "Do You Want Fries With That?" Luke 24:36b-48 Revd. David Kenley

04/15/18 Anthem “All Heaven Declares (with Alleluias)” Arr. By Richards & Fettke

04/08/18 "Thomas on Trial" John 20:19-31 Matt Marshall

4/1/2018 "Nice and Tidy" (Mark 16:1-8) Revd. David Kenley

4/1/2018 Choir Anthem "Alleluia, Christ Is Alive!" by Joel Raney

03/25/2018 "What Happened? The Passion Story" (Mark 11:1-11) Rev. David Kenley

03/25/2018 Choir Anthem "Blessed One, Messiah" by R. Aspinall & M. McDonald

03/18/2018 Reflections on our Open & Affirming Anniversary

03/18/2018 Choir Anthem "Give Me Jesus" Arr. by Molly Ijames

03/11/2018 "The Hand of a Woman" (Judges 4:4-9) Rev. David Kenley

03/11/2018 Choir Anthem "Order My Steps (In Your World)" Arr. by Jack Schrader

03/04/2018 "Remember" (Exodus 20:1-17) Rev. David Kenley

03/04/2018 Choir Anthem "The Love of God" Arr. by Dan Forrest

02/25/2018 "Where is Your Ugly Brown Towel?" (John 13:1-17) Christy Marshall

02/25/2018 Choir Anthem "How Beautiful" Arr. by Lloyd Larson

02/18/2018 "What Are We Doing Here?" (Mark 1:9-15) Rev. David Kenley

02/18/2018 Choir Anthem "Holy Ground" Arr. by Lloyd Larson

02/11/2018 "Seen Any Good Visions Lately" (Mark 9:2-9) Rev. David Kenley

02/11/2018 Special Music "Divenire" by Ludovico Einaudi, Performed by Life Scout Logan Bowers

02/11/2018 Choir Anthem "Name Of All Majesty" by Timothy Dudley-Smith & Tom Fettke

02/04/2018 "The Runaround" (Mark 1:29-39) Leanne Robinson

01/28/2018 "I Know Who(se) You Are" (Mark 1:21-28) Rev. David Kenley

01/28/2018 Choir Anthem "Great I Am with Holy, Holy, Holy" Arr. by Heather Sorenson

01/21/2018 "Called By Name" Mark 1:14-20 Rev. Matt Marshall

01/21/2018 Choir Anthem "No Turning Back with I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" Arr. by Joel Raney

01/14/2018 "Go Lie Down" (1 Samuel 3:1-10) Rev. David Kenley

01/07/2018 "By Another Road" (Matthew 2:1-12) Rev. David Kenley

01/07/2018 Choir Anthem "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Arr. by Camp Kirkland

12/24/2017 "Say What?!" (Luke 1:26-38) Rev. David Kenley

12/24/2017 Choir Anthem "Come, Let Us Adore Him" Arr. by Mary McDonald

12/10/2017 "That Water Is Cold!" (Mark 1:1-8) Rev. David Kenley

12/10/2017 Choir Anthem "Messiah Christmas Suite" Arr. by Tom Fettke

11/26/2017 "Getting Ready..." (Matthew 25:1-13) Rev. David Kenley

11/19/2017 "Over and Above" (Matthew 25:14-30) Rev. David Kenley

11/19/2017 Choir Anthem "First Fruits" Arr. by Ruth E. Schram

11/12/2017 "Is it Enough?" (Matthew 25:31-40) Vonda Malbrough

11/12/2017 Choir Anthem "We See Christ" by Joel Raney

11/05/2017 "Blessed Are They" (Matthew 5:1-12) Rev. David Kenley

11/05/2017 Choir Anthem "Great I Am with Holy, Holy, Holy" Arr. by Heather Sorenson

10/29/2017 "God is With Us" (Ruth 1:16-18) Jillian Thomas

10/29/2017 Choir Anthem "The Good" from Wicked, Arr. by Mack Huff

10/22/2017 Choir Anthem "Jesus Is The Living Stone" by Mary McDonald

10/15/2017 "Gettin' Better" (2 Kings 5:1-14) Rev. David Kenley

10/15/2017 Choir Anthem "God Leads Us Along" Arr. by Patti Drennan

10/08/2017 "The Top 10" (Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20) Rev. David Kenley

10/01/2017 "What Do I DO With These People?" (Exodus 17:1-7) Rev. David Kenley

10/01/2017 Choir Anthem "O Lord, Bread of Life" Arr. by Patrick Liebergen